send blank messages on whatsapp

WhatsApp has been introducing many features every time they rollout an update. We can decorate our messages with bold, italic, underline and change font too. But, there is no option in WhatsApp to send a blank messages on WhatsApp.

Sending blank message has no use. The reason we do it is to prank our friends and to see their reaction. we don’t have that blank message option on WhatsApp ,that makes it more interesting to see our friend’s reaction. We can overcome this with some cool tricks that could allow you to send blank messages on WhatsApp.
Normally, a blank message cannot be sent. Below are some of the methods to send a blank message.

#Method 1 : Through App

This method is very easy and requires an app that will allow us to send blank text.
1. Go to Play Store on your Android.
2. Search for “Blank Messages for WhatsApp” App
3. Install the App on your mobile.
4. Open the App and Select No. of blank Characters you want.
5. You can any number of characters you want.
6. Copy it to the clipboard.
7. Now you can send the copied blank characters to your friends.
Not only this App, You can also try other apps that does the same on Playstore.

#Method 2: Using Emoji’s

This method can done only through an iPhone. There are some emoji’s in iOs that are not supported by Android. Find these emoji’s and then
1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.
2. Select the emoji that doesn’t support.
3. Send it to the person who has an android device.
4. Boom! Now, you have an empty message on WhatsApp.
Note: If you are an android user, you can copy the blank text you receiver and forward it to others to prank them.

Final thoughts

Now you know how to send empty messages, send it to your friends and see their reactions! Enjoy!!!

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