how to unmute someone on instagram

As of now, Instagram is the leading social media platform in the internet. Instagram has many cool features of watching Instagram reels, IGTV, stories etc. Instagram account is based on giving the follow request and accept by the people and follow them back to see the post to. Here you may see someone who irrelevantly add stories that you may not like, so instead of unfollow or block them there is option to mute them after some days if you want to unmute them but you don’t know how to unmute, here are the steps to mute or unmute someone on Instagram.

Mute or Unmute someone on Instagram

How to Mute on Instagram

  • Open the Instagram account
  • Select and long press profile on story section
  • A popup will appear for mute
  • You can select mute story only or mute post and story
  • Or, go to profile you want to mute
  • Select three dots on the right corner
  • Then select mute option.

How to Unmute on Instagram 

  • Scroll the story section to the end
  • There you will find the profile you’ve muted
  • Long tap to unmute them
  • Or, open search menu
  • Type the name you’ve muted
  • Open the account and select three vertical dots on the right corner
  • Click unmute to unmute them.


You can enjoy your time by watching Instagram reels and funny videos. In your search column it will display you’ve interested in and scroll down to watch many. Now Instagram is owned by Facebook.

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