someone blocked you on whatsapp

WhatsApp is a social media application. Where you can send message, read group message, see status updates and more. Here few may get doubt weather they’ve been blocked or not. There may be multiple reasons for getting blocked but WhatsApp will not show any further notification on getting blocked. But, in this article you will know the different steps on how to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp.

How to know they blocked you on WhatsApp

You usually send a text message to someone. One day or suddenly you do not get a reply message from them and you may think they were busy at that time.

But for how long? You may be right in doubt!

At that point you can check and confirm by their profile picture and last seen.

If their DP (Display Picture aka Profile picture) has been removed and last seen hidden, you can confirm that you have been blocked by that person.

How do you confirm that they have no DP and last seen before?

Here, some of them will remove their DP before and hides their last seen but when the person comes online you can see ‘Online‘ under their name.

If you have not been able to see the person online for a long time. You can confirm it by sending a text message. If the message has been on the single tick for a long time, it means that you have been blocked or that person has uninstalled WhatsApp.

In that case, make a WhatsApp call to that number and if it answers as if it is busy, you can confirm that you have been blocked. You can call that person after an hour or a day, but every time you end up with busy. Now, the results will be one hundred percent that you are blocked, LOL!

Frequently asked Questions?

Does a phone ring when you are blocked?

If you make a phone to user (person who block’s you) you will get a single ring and automatically turned of, but it won’t notify to that user.

Can you see profile picture if blocked on WhatsApp?

You cannot see profile picture if you are blocked. It will look like empty whites space with human guester art or circle.

Is there an app to see if someone blocked you on WhatsApp?

There is an app called “WhatsTracker” available on both ios and android device. This app indicates with notification if user are in online.

When someone blocks you on WhatsApp does their picture disappear?

If you are blocked by someone you cannot see their profile picture, status update (both in bio and stories) and last seen.

Can someone who blocked you on WhatsApp see your story?

Your story updates won’t be visible to that person, WhatsApp run different logarithm for blocked contacts. Either, if you block someone you cannot see their story updates.

Last Words

I hope reading this article helps you at some cause, if you have any doubt or queries please encounter it on comment section.


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