How to bypass Patreon lock

Patreon is a fast-growing creator support website that helps talented and enthusiastic content creators get support from their audience. Patrons can support their favorite creators by sponsoring a certain amount based on a monthly subscription. Before this, we try to bypass Patreon lock. Let’s learn how Patreon works.

What is a Patreon and How does it Work?

Creators can provide any number of subscription plans to their audience. The amount is based on the tier that the creator allows.

For example:

If a creator creates three tiers of subscription plans. Tier one can be at least $5 and tier two with $15, and tier three with $50.

The audience who are want to support the creator can choose any one of the subscription plans.

There may be some extra perks for those who subscribe to the higher tier. That is, those with tier three subscriptions will have some extra behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes, or early access to the upcoming content.

However, those who subscribe with the lower tiers may not get many additional features compared to more donors.

Starter subscription holders will not have access to premium content. If we try to access that content, there will be a Patreon lock for that content.

How to bypass Patreon lock?

Smaller-tier subscribers will not be able to access the high-tier content. Is there a way to bypass the Patreon lock?

Unfortunately, there is no way to bypass the Patreon lock.

Yes, it is true.

We have to understand that this is not an ott platform where we subscribe to view content. This is a platform to create support for small individual creators who are not celebrities as far as we know.

The small amount of money we fund them will support him/her to create content for a month or more. If we wish to view those contents, we may support them with a higher donation or we may wait until the old content becomes available to all.


There are many YouTube video tutorials available to bypass the Patreon lock with some patreon+ or patreon++ app. Kindly please avoid those apps because they may cause damage to your device.

I conclude here by saying “Support talented creators who need your help.”.


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