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Hey are you aware of your Kids were watching quality shows and Movies on Netflix? Anyway Netflix is aware of your kids! Because Netflix is one of the Top rated OTT platform in worldwide. They provide all kinds of Contents like TV shows, Series and Movies. So on, Netflix introduced a Kids profile to watch appropriate and for good contents. But not much limited to kids. Add on, Netflix introduced a Parental Controls on Netflix.
Such settings allows you to set Maturity rating(Age criteria) for Profiles on Netflix . It suggest movies & shows which fit for the Rating. Moreover you can also block specific Movies or TV Shows. Scroll down and know How to Block Movies & Shows on Netflix.

How to Block Movies & Shows on Netflix via Maturity ratings

You know why Netflix came up with Maturity rating? Since it filters appropriate contents for each ratings. Follow the easiest steps to know,

1. Log in to your Netflix Account by Web.

 how to block horror movies on netflix

2. So from Netflix home, hover over the top right and Click on Profile.

3. Now click on Manage Profiles.

How to block shows on Netflix on TV

4. At the moment, select the profile you need to restrict Movies & TV shows.

 how to block a show on netflix 2020

5. Next, Tap on Edit option below Maturity Settings and enter Netflix Account Password.

 how to block movies on netflix

6. By the way you can view Maturity Ratings known as Age restrictions.

7. For example, if you Select TV-14 it blocks all unsuitable contents those who are under Age 14.

Maturity Rating set up on Netflix

8. Now set up a rating for the profile to block Mature & inappropriate contents.

How to Block Movies & Shows on Netflix Manually

Some Movies or Shows may or may not be under restrictions. For this reason, you can also block individual Movies or any TV shows, Series manually. Here you go!

1. Log in to your Netflix Account by web.

2. Click on Profile hover over the top right.

3. Same way, click on Manage Profiles and select profile to restrict.

4. Now click Edit option Under Maturity Settings and enter Netflix password.

5. Below Title Restrictions type the Movie name and click on it.

 how to block horror movies on netflix

6. Finally save it to block the selected Movies or Series from the profile.


To update Changes, re-login the Netflix Account or switch to other Profile and re-switch to your Profile.

How to Lock your Netflix Profile

You can also lock individual profile by creating 4-Digit PIN. And so on no one can access your profile without your permission. It’s amazing right! follow these simple steps.

1. Login to your Netflix Account by web.

2. Click on Profile hover over the top right on home screen.

3. Now select Account and scroll down to Profile & Parental Controls.

 Steps to put a password on netflix profile

4. Right here click the drop-down arrow on your profile and scroll down.

5. You can view Profile lock feature.

Profile Lock View

6. Tap on Change and enter your Netflix Account password to continue.

Steps to profile Lock

7. Right now click the Check box to enter 4-Digit PIN.

8. Finally Save it.

Enter 4 Digit PIN for Profile on Netflix

How to view or delete your Netflix Watch history

Netflix allows you to see entire watch history on profiles and also to delete all of it.

1. Go-ahead and Login Netflix Account by web.

2. Click on Profile hover over the top right and select Account.

3. All the way scroll down to Profile and Profile & Parental Controls.

4. Click drop-down arrow on profile.

5. Now slightly scroll down to Viewing Activity.

 how to delete recent streaming activity on Netflix

6. Tap on View to know entire watch history of the Profile.

watch history

7. Now you can also delete history at a time.

8. Tap on Hide all.

Steps to Delete Watch History

9. And now within 24hrs entire watch history will get deleted on your Profile.


Thus, now you know How to Block Movies & Shows on Netflix by proper way. Great way to avoid your kids to go for negative contents on Netflix. Once again, if any changes are not done, please re login once to reflect.


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